POST SurveyInvitation/RequestStoreSurveyInvitation

Request Survey Invitation for known customer

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Survey invitation request details.


Survey Invitation Request data. To get a survey invitation you need to pass SurveyTakerUniqueIdentifier and StoreIdentifier/TransactionDateTime or CouponCode. Here are valid request samples { "SurveyTakerUniqueIdentifier":"34098257", "StoreIdentifier":"3325425", "TransactionDateTime":"2014-07-22T20:14:48.111Z" } or { "SurveyTakerUniqueIdentifier":"34098257", "CouponCode":"4613279664123364" } You can also give a JSON hash to the AdditionalData field for extra data that may be desired for tracking or other purposes. The Survey Engine expects the coupon code to be able to process a survey. From the coupon code, the store identifier and transaction time can be derived. If an API Consumer can create a proper Coupon Code then you may use that field. If a coupon code cannot be generated then use Store Identifier and Transaction date/time. Either way, the correct url for the survey will be returned from the REST API.

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Survey Invitation Response

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