This area contains all the APIs related to survey data.


This area contains all the APIs for reporting.


This area contains all the 360 platform api calls


API for Hierarchy.

GET Hierarchy/UnitLocationInfo/{projectDefinedId}?skeys[0]={skeys[0]}&skeys[1]={skeys[1]}

Gets the hierarchy unit geographical location information for a given set of SKeys. An SKey is an identifier for a hierarcy unit.

GET Hierarchy/Units/{projectDefinedId}

Returns a list of SKey units by username and projectid

GET Hierarchy/UnitInfo/{projectDefinedId}?language={language}&languageId={languageId}

Retrieves a list of UserAccessUnitLocation information

GET Hierarchy/ProjectLevels/{projectDefinedId}?language={language}

Get Unit Info for the Authenticated User

GET Hierarchy/ProjectLevelUnits/{projectDefinedId}?projectLevelId={projectLevelId}&language={language}&page={page}&numberPerPage={numberPerPage}

Gets the Project Level Units the user has access to within the Project Level.

GET Hierarchy/PrimaryHierarchyLevel/{projectDefinedId}?language={language}

Gets the primary hierarchy level information



POST Users/ValidateCredentials

Validate user credentials. User needs to be allowed same projects that the API Consumer making this call is allowed. If credentials are valid a fully populated AuthenticatedUser object is returned. Some APIs may require an Authentication Token. Use this API to get an Authentication Token for that user.

POST Users/Refresh?deviceToken={deviceToken}

Refreshes an authenticated user's token. Includes optional device token used for push notifications

POST Users/Logout?username={username}

Expires the User-Authentication-Token specified in the header.

GET Users/CanUpdatePassword

Returns indicator as to whether or not an authenticated user has access to update their password.

PUT Users/Password

Used to update an authenticated and authorized user's password.

POST Users/ValidateAppAccountLinkCode/{code}?deviceToken={deviceToken}

validate an app-account link code. The code should be provided by a user. If the code is valid, an AuthenticatedUser will be created for the user who provided the code. The Authentication Token there should be used by other APIs that need it. This is an alternative way for a user to authenticate with SMG if they don't have or want to use a username/password.

GET Users/UserProfile

Gets the user profile. If you have the Authentication Token but not the user profile data, use this API. Make sure you include the User-Authentication-Token header


APIs for various text processing

GET Text/Profanity/Templates

Gets the templates for profanity filtering.

POST Text/Profanity/ApplyFilter

Applies the profanity filter.

GET Text/WebText/{languageName}/{projectDefinedId}?userName={userName}&webTextNames[0]={webTextNames[0]}&webTextNames[1]={webTextNames[1]}&bundleName={bundleName}

get localized text for a project and user

GET Text/WebText/{languageName}?webTextNames[0]={webTextNames[0]}&webTextNames[1]={webTextNames[1]}&bundleName={bundleName}

get localized text

GET Text/Internationalization/bundle?bundleName={bundleName}

get localized text

GET Text/Language/IsoCode?isoCode={isoCode}

Gets a Language by IsoLanguageCode. isoLanguageCode is case insensitive


API for MetaData for reporting purposes

GET ReportingMetaData/Questions/{projectDefinedId}?questionIds[0]={questionIds[0]}&questionIds[1]={questionIds[1]}

API to pull meta data for question, as well as question text


Survey Invitation

POST SurveyInvitation/RequestStoreSurveyInvitation

Gets a survey invitation related to a store

POST SurveyInvitation/RequestEmailSurveyInvitation

Request that a survey invitation offer be sent via email.

POST SurveyInvitation/RequestSurveyAccessCode

Request a survey access code.


API Controller for Social Data

GET Social/AggregateData/{projectDefinedId}?language={language}

Returns an aggregation of social data, based on an authenticated user hierarchy access

GET Social/ReportSummaryReview/{projectDefinedId}?language={language}

Returns an aggregation of social data, based on an authenticated user hierarchy access

GET Social/Sources/{projectDefinedId}

Returns a list of rating/review sources based on project defined id

POST Social/DetailData/{projectDefinedId}?language={language}

Returns a list of review/rating details determined by a set of filters


Survey Transaction API Endpoint

POST Transaction

Sends transaction data to message queue.