Use these APIs to manage your questions.

GET SurveyData/Question

query questions

GET SurveyData/Question/{id}

get a specific question

POST SurveyData/Question

create a question

PUT SurveyData/Question

update a question


response data for a survey

GET SurveyData/SurveyResponse

query survey responses by certain criteria

GET SurveyData/SurveyResponse/{id}

get a specific survey response

POST SurveyData/SurveyResponse

submit survey response data. This accepts a collection of survey responses. If you want to submit only one, it should be a collection with a single survey response item this will validate that the response data matches up with the definition data


A survey definition describes a survey. It's also used to validate survey responses.

GET SurveyData/SurveyDefinition

query survey definitions

GET SurveyData/SurveyDefinition/{id}

get a specific survey definition

POST SurveyData/SurveyDefinition

create a survey definition

PUT SurveyData/SurveyDefinition

update a survey definition


Survey response info is a grouping of the response data and the validation info that was generated when it was submitted

GET SurveyData/SurveyResponseInfo

query for survey response info by survey response query criteria

GET SurveyData/SurveyResponseInfo/{id}

get a specific survey response info


survey info is a grouping of a survey definition and its questions

GET SurveyData/SurveyInfo

Query survey infos by survey definition query criteria

GET SurveyData/SurveyInfo/{id}

Get a specific survey info by the survey definition id

POST SurveyData/SurveyInfo

Create a survey info. This will create the survey and all the associated questions and make sure that everything matches up. Can be used as a convenience for creating a survey and all of its questions at the same time rather than making several individual API calls.

PUT SurveyData/SurveyInfo

Update a survey info. This will update the survey and all the associated questions and make sure that everything matches up